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Hupfer specializes in solving logistical problems in commercial kitchens. Hupfer The entire range is available at Traders Hotel and Catering. Due to the robustness of the Bastard mass catering carts, they are suitable for use in the intensive environment. If you want to serve drinks or food during a dinner or event, the Hupfer come trolleys in very handy. As the event comes to an end, all empty plates and cups obviously be retrieved. For this transport the Hupfer trolleys are the perfect solution. A commonly used Hupfer Clearing trolley is Hupfer Clearing trolley Tawalu . This Hupfer Clearing trolley has space for 2x13 conductors with a distance of 10 cm between the conductors. Because these Hupfer Clearing trolley holds can be in many different colors, Hupfer Clearing trolley fit into any interior. This Hupfer Clearing trolley can be used for the clearing of large amounts of glasses, crockery and debris.

For rapid internal transport in the kitchen Hupfer Trolleys are the best choice. From trays to GN containers, everything finds its place in the Hupfer Trolleys. In the field of Hupfer stock store offers a wide range of stainless steel racks. Hupfer provides compositions that are both mobile and non mobile. The Hupfer racks are designed so that any available space can be utilized as optimally as possible. The Hupfer statements can for example be easily expanded or combined.

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