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A sauce dispenser you buy online at HorecaTraders

Sauce dispensers are found at catering trades. Order today and you'll have your sauce dispenser in your house tomorrow.

Want to buy a professional sauce dispenser? Whether ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, gingerbread, sate sauce, garlic sauce or sambal, our stainless steak dispensers are suitable for any type of catering. The catering sausage dispensers are entirely made of stainless steel and are therefore suitable for every catering institution. You can also go to HorecaTraders for heated sauzen bars and portioning squeeze bottles.

Catering sauce dispensers for all sauces

Brands like Bereila, Bartscher and Saro offer high quality sauce dispensers suitable for all sorts of sauces. The Bereila Sauce dispenser with 3 pumps - 3 x 3.5 Liter is a widely sold sauce bar from our assortment. This luxury Bereila stainless steel sauce dispenser has a simple operation, is easy to clean and has an adjustable serving size.

For HorecaTraders you are also at the right place for sauce dispenser parts. These can be ordered by sending a description of the item to [email protected]

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