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Chilled ingredients present in the showcases of Horeca Traders

Is it important for you to have all your refrigerated ingredients within reach? Then the design coolers for you are the right choice. Traders hospitality industry provides many different set-cooled cabinets that are ready to plug in and can therefore be used immediately. We deliver design coolers that can be used in combination with many different sizes of GN containers. The glass structure coolers are useful, for example in the kitchen of a pizzeria or restaurant. The set-coolers are also available with stainless steel lid, in order to keep your ingredients in a hygienic manner. In addition, the design cooling models with stainless steel lid are also very energy efficient and sustainable. Horeca Traders also supplies chilled sushi and tapas showcases a luxury denominator.

A popular model design refrigerated display case is the Polar Structure Refrigerated display 5xGN1 / 4 . This cooled Polar Counter space for five GN1 / 4 containers with a depth of 10 cm. The Polar intent refrigerated display has a stainless steel construction and is fitted with safety glass. The Polar intent refrigerated display is easy operable by the digital display and has an adjustable temperature of 2 to 10 degrees. The GN containers are not included.

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