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Wall console Airco Split

If you want to confirm your air conditioning, Horeca Traders is the right place. Most hanging systems are made of galvanized steel, which ensures a firm attachment to your wall. We also have stainless steel models. You can choose a cal model, or you can also take a look at models that have been painted. These have a powder coat to prevent leaves.


The sizes of wall consoles vary. The most important thing is the weight. The weights are indicated per arm. For example, some wishbones can even lift 100kg per arm! If you have a smaller air conditioner, we also have slightly lighter variants on offer. In addition, the wall consoles are very easy to attach.

A wide offer

Have you almost made a choice, but are you still unsure about certain aspects? Or are you not sure which wall console suits you best? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. This can be done by email to [email protected] , by phone (0727202253) or via chat!


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