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HorecaTraders.com - The online leader in professional kitchen equipment

HorecaTraders distinguishes itself with an outspoken view on professional catering equipment. We specialised in sales of catering equipment and consider catering equipment as the main pillar for the catering industry, hotels, cafes, restaurants, pizzerias, bistros, educational, sports canteens - and therefore one of the essential pillars for the economy. HorecaTraders.com offers a wide range of catering supplies.

HorecaTraders believes that catering equipment needs to be smarter, cleaner and efficient. Smarter by using the latest technologies. Cleaner, by focusing on energy efficient catering equipment. More efficient, offering catering equipment at various alternatives. HorecaTraders provides advice for any catering establishment. Do you have a question or would like a personal advice please call 072 72 0225 3 or email [email protected] .

HorecaTraders provides high quality catering equipment and professional large kitchen equipment. Whether catering equipment such as meat slicers, blenders, ice machines, percolators, hot air ovens, or catering supplies such as chefs knives and catering pans. Therefore, we evaluate our suppliers on different aspects. The best suppliers are included in the HorecaTraders network of preferred suppliers. With this we want to be a reliable non-food catering supplier and non-food wholesaler, we work with several catering equipment suppliers. Our catering equipment partners GastroNoble, Animo, CombiSteel, Buffalo, Waring Commercial, ImagiLights, Schwank etc.

HorecaTraders.com - The online hospitality and catering equipment specialist

As a leader HorecaTraders offers all types of online professional catering equipment to catering companies, for the snack bar around the corner, football canteens SMEs and multinationals. Are you looking for an online supplie