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Buy Polishing machines at HorecaTraders

Polishing machines can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today = Tomorrow shiny glasses again!

With the HorecaTraders polishing machines, you can make your glasses and cutlery shine in seconds. The glass polishing machines reduce the risk of glass breakage compared to manual polishing. The stainless steel poling machines for glasses are equipped with a warm air fan.

The Saro catering polishing machine is suitable for intensive catering. The 5 rotating brushes are made of microfibre and removable, so you can easily clean the polisher and brushes. The Bartscher cutlery polisher is suitable for polishing cutlery . The Bartscher cutlery polisher has a mobile undercarriage and can polish up to 60 cutlery parts per program.

Buying a plug-in polisher?

The plug-in polishing machines from Horeca Traders are suitable for large quantities of cutlery. You simply put the cutlery on top and it comes out in no time. A polishing machine is therefore an asset to any intensive catering establishment.

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