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You can buy refrigerated vitrine for soft drinks, sandwiches or dairy products at Hospitality Traders

Horeca Traders offers a wide range of refrigerated display cabinets. Are you a butcher, grand café owner or a lunchroom holder? We offer refrigerated display cabinets that can be used for any type of catering facility. Depending on your wishes, we give you advice on the choice of a suitable refrigerated display case. Our models consist of standing, wall and table model refrigerated display cases. We supply pastry cases that showcase the tastiest cakes, as well as sushi and tapas set-up cases.

HorecaTraders supplies energy-efficient coolers from the best brands, such as Combisteel, Polar and Bartscher. The drop-in coolers and table display cases are suitable for impulse purchases.

A hospitality display cooler for impulse purchases

A very popular cooling showcase model is the Polar Compact White Refrigerated display case 69 liters . This Polar refrigerated display case of 69 liters with four glasses is made to maximize your sales. The Polar display cooler is equipped with interior lighting and has three grids. This Polar refrigerated display is ideal for displaying cans of soft drinks, for example.

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