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Drip trays for collecting liquid

Horeca Traders offers drip trays and drip trays for many kinds of purposes. You can use the compact drip trays for coffee machines and beverage dispensers, while the large models are suitable for collecting chemical liquids and other environmentally harmful liquids. A large-sized plastic drip tray is particularly useful in the industrial sector and transport sector.

The HorecaTraders Lekbak RVS | 40x20x2 cm is excellent for under the coffee machine or beverage dispenser. This receptacle has a removable plate with perforations, so that the drinks can easily end up in the drip tray.

Drip trays for catering or industry

For the collection of leaking fats, oils, chemical substances or other environmentally harmful liquids, the Horeca Traders Plastic Leak Tray with Rooster | 122x82x27 suitable. The galvanized grid ensures that, for example, jerry cans do not end up in the liquid. This receptacle is car-free and intended for professional use.

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