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Water softeners can be found online at HorecaTraders

Horeca Traders supplies water softeners and water filters for professional use. With water softeners you reduce the hardness of the water by reducing the amount of lime. A water filter is not necessarily focused on the hardness of water, but on the overall cleanliness of the water. With a water softener or water filter you guarantee a longer life of your catering equipment and you save maintenance costs. Brands such as Winterhalter, Diamond and Miele Professional supply high-quality water softeners and water filters that are maintenance-friendly.

Buying a professional Diamond softener?

A commonly used softening device is the Diamond Universal Softener Pro Series . This Diamond water softener has a user-friendly LCD screen with automatic by-pass. The power supply is equipped with robust ABS material and the polyester tank.

Water filter specifically for ice cube machines?

If you are looking for a water filter especially for your ice maker , the HorecaTraders Water Filter is a suitable device. The 4-stage purification of the water preserves the taste and necessary minerals. The compact size and long life make this water filter a real winner in our range.

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