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HorecaTraders supplies saladettes with 6 drawers, ideal for use in busy, professional kitchens. Thanks to the smart design of the saladettes, the ingredients are optimally cooled. The saladettes are also made of high quality stainless steel material. With a 6-draw saladette you can be sure that you have enough refrigeration space to keep ingredients fresh.

Want to buy a versatile Polar 6-door saladette?

The Polar-cooled saladette with 6 drawers is functional, practical and reliable. Thanks to the underlying cooling, you have all the ingredients at hand, saving valuable time. In addition, the Polar saladette with a capacity of 205 liters has a very large cooling space. With the digital display you can set the temperature and read it. This saladette is intended for use at an ambient temperature up to 30 ° C and suitable for most professional kitchens.

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