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Built-in baking trays

Catering built-in baking trays

Catering built-in baking trays

At Horeca Traders you will find many different baking trays. Think of electric griddles or grill plates. We also have various built-in baking trays from Combisteel that you can easily use for your company. With the plates of Horeca Traders you can quickly and easily cook delicious meat and vegetables. Hospitality Traders know what you need!


Sturdy, solid and qualitative: again typical of us

The Horeca Traders products are of good quality and look good. This also applies to the built-in equipment. The experts thoroughly check the products before they go on sale. we want you to receive only the best quality at home. In this way you can use the baking trays of Horeca Traders for a long time.

Baking trays and related items

You will find various types of baking trays on our site. We also have various products for the baking tray. Think of cleaning products, spatulas and the like. At Horeca Traders you will find everything you need for this.


Order quickly and easily from Horeca Traders

Are you interested in purchasing one of our baking trays? Do not hesitate , order via www.Horecatraders.com and receive your product at home within 3 working days. Safe and guaranteed. Would you like to learn more about Horeca Traders? Do not hesitate and call us at the following number: 072-72 022 53. Would you rather send an email? This can be sent to [email protected] . we will answer the emails as soon as possible. You can also chat with us! This can be done on our site.


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