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Buy Horeca Porcelain or Porcelain Tableware Online at HorecaTraders?

Are you looking for white porcelain plates? Or white stackable coffee cups with matching dishes for your meeting room or your catering business? Then you are at the right address at HorecaTraders. Horeca Traders specializes in supplying hotel porcelain and catering porcelain.

Do you not want white porcelain but porcelain in other colors? Then we have, for example, the porcelain series IVOOR. This porcelain series consists of a complete set of cups, saucer, and so on. You can also choose colored porcelain from Horeca Traders.

Why do I buy porcelain from Horeca Traders?

The reliability of our hotel porcelain is of course determined by solid manufacturers such as Athens Hotelware, Hendi Porcelain, Olympia Porcelain and Churchill Porcelain. These manufacturers of porcelain stand for experience and competence. The experience is justified by years of brand recognition in Europe. The competence is tested annually by leading inspection authorities such as DEKRA, NVLG and other branch organizations which have high quality. In addition, they offer favorable price-quality ratio microwave oven-proof & dishwash machine-resistant porcelain. We will commit ourselves that you get the best tested porcelain product within your budget.

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