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You can buy bar mates at Horeca Traders

You can find bar items at horecatraders.com. Order today = Use your bar buddy tomorrow!

Horeca Traders supplies stainless steel bar sizes from 25 to 250 ml for every catering establishment. Bar buddies, also called jiggers, are used to determine the correct proportions when preparing cocktails and mixed drinks.

The HorecaTraders stainless steel bar buddy | 25 / 50ml has two different proportions. The bottom of this stainless steel bar measure is 25 ml and the top 50 ml, so you can quickly measure different proportions with one bar measure. You can also opt for the HorecaTraders Stainless Steel Bar | 6 formats . This stainless steel jigger is available in no less than 6 sizes.

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