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Candles candlesticks for restaurant or hotel buy from HorecaTraders

Candles candlesticks can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order Today = Morning candle holder on the table!

HorecaTraders supplies candle candlesticks for luxury restaurants and hotels. The stable candlesticks come from the best brands, such as APS and Hendi. These brands are known for quality and reliability. You can choose a candle candle for 1 to 5 candles.

The candlesticks are an excellent product to create atmosphere in your catering business. The warm and classic look of a candleholder gives your company a cozy and at the same time professional appearance.

A cafeteria for various occasions

For some candles, the APS Candle Candleholders are a suitable product. These silver-plated APS candlesticks have a luxurious appearance and stable foot. The APS candle stand has a height of 7 cm and a diameter of 6 cm. The Hendi Aluminum Candlestick can seat up to 5 candles. This Hendi aluminum candle candle comes in handy with luxurious meals and gives your catering a professional appearance.

NOTE: The candlesticks are supplied excluding the candles.

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