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Safety in the workplace with Ajax fire protection

You can find Ajax fire protection at HorecaTraders. Order today = Tomorrow a safe workplace with fire extinguisher!

HorecaTraders supplies Ajax Fire protection fire extinguishers, Ajax hose reels and Ajax reel cabinets. Whether you need a fire extinguisher in the office or a hose reel for your restaurant, Ajax Brandbeveiliging offers the right solution for every situation.

Ajax Brandbeveiliging is involved with the customer and leading in thinking in solutions. The world-famous brand offers the most optimal security solutions, so you can leave your catering facility with peace of mind.

A fire extinguisher that meets the highest requirements

The Ajax VS6-C spray foam extinguisher frost resistant 6 liters is a very popular fire extinguisher in the hospitality industry. This Ajax foam extinguisher meets the heavy demands of the Milieukeur foundation. That is why the Ajax fire extinguisher is used in hospitals, tunnels, laboratories, professional kitchen and so on.

Ajax foam extinguishers are suitable for the extinguishing of wood, paper and textile (Fire Class A), but also for petrol, diesel and alcohol (Fire Class B).

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