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Professional pizza workbenches can be found at HorecaTraders

Pizza refrigerated counters can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = use your pizza refrigerated bench tomorrow.

Pizza refrigerated counters and parts are available at Hospitality Traders. The plug-and-run pizza workbenches are ideal for a pizzeria or restaurant. Whether you're looking for a pizza workbench with space for GN containers, or a pizza workbench with a showcase, HorecaTraders offers it all. Horeca Traders supplies energy-efficient pizza workbenches with various types of material countertops, such as granite and marble.

The reliability of our pizza refrigerated workbenches is of course guaranteed by solid manufacturers such as Bartscher, Saro and Polar. The manufacturers offer pizza refrigeration benches in various combinations with doors and drawers, just what you want. The stainless steel exterior guarantees a hygienic working environment.

Fresh ingredients quickly at hand

A stainless steel pizza workbench that fits in every professional pizzeria is the Saro Pizza Workbench with 5 x GN 1/3 + 1 x 1/2 GN . This Saro pizza workbench has a display cabinet with GN containers, in which you can store all your fresh ingredients. The Saro pizza workbench is cooled by means of a fan and the temperature can be checked digitally. This stylishly cooled Saro pizza workbench gives your catering facility a professional and hygienic appearance.

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