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Gram roll-in coolings for professional use

HorecaTraders supplies roll-in and door refrigerators, specially designed for storing large products for short periods of time. The roll-in model makes it easy to load and unload large objects, such as pallets and boxes. This minimizes the operations during the cooling down process, saving you energy in addition to time.

The Gram doorry refrigerators are made for use in the intensive environment. That's why the Gram door row coolers are robustly finished using solid stainless steel material. With a roll-in refrigerator you can switch quickly to products that, for example, can not be refrigerated for too long.

With the Gram stainless steel roll-in refrigerator single glass door | 1422liter, you can easily load products in the refrigerator. This Gram Inrij refrigerator has no bottom in the fridge. The side and back pads provide optimum protection for both the refrigerator and your products. You can indicate whether you want the roll-in refrigerators to have right-handed or left-turning (factory-only, later rearrangement not possible).

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