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Buy Gas stoves with 2 to 4 pits - HorecaTraders

Professional gas cookers can be found at horecatraders.com. Order Today = Your gas cooker delivered with 24/48 hours.

HorecaTraders supplies 2 - 4 pits gas cookers for business restaurants, sports cafes and other catering establishments. Virtually all pan forms can be used with a gas cooker. Another advantage of a gas cooker is that the heat is evenly distributed over the pans. The gas cookers are made of CNS 18/10 material and have black cast iron grids. You can choose a gas cooker with built-in oven or open chassis.

The Saro Gas Stove with Professional Gas Furnace | 4 Burners is one of the most popular gas cookers. The stove has 4 separate gas burners: 2 x 4500 watts and 2 x 7500 watts. The Saro gas stove has low energy consumption and is easy to clean. The compact stainless steel Saro gas stove features a piëzo-electric ignition and flame protection.

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