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Gram refrigerators are available at HorecaTraders

HorecaTraders supplies energy-efficient Gram refrigerators for restaurant, hotel or other professional environment. The range of Gram refrigerators ranges from refrigerators with a capacity of 400 liters to refrigerators with a capacity of more than 1200 liters. In addition, you can choose from single doors and double-door refrigerators.

The Gram refrigerators are suitable for storing all kinds of foods. In addition, the Gram refrigerators are equipped with bright LED lighting on the inside. Gram also supplies refrigerators with a lock so you can always cool your valuable products safely.

The Gram stainless steel refrigerator single door black | 2/1 GN | 610liter is an example of such an energy-efficient refrigerator. This Gram refrigerator has energy label A, which guarantees a very low energy consumption. Thanks to a design with uninterrupted surfaces, the cabinets are easy to keep clean. Due to the matt paint, the refrigerator is stylishly finished and fingerprints are not visible. You get 5 years of warranty on this Gram Eco Friendly refrigerator.

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