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Kitchen retreats and fondant funnels can be bought at HorecaTraders

Trechters can be found online at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Enter your funnel tomorrow.

HorecaTraders supplies plastic funnels and stainless steel funnels for the catering industry. For example, you can use the funnels to dispense small quantities of sauce or cream. The Buyer, Hendi and Vogue supply quality strikers, which make it easy to decorate your dishes. The funnels are also available with a comfortable handle.

Whether it's a fundraiser or a sugarcake judge, HorecaTraders has it all. In addition, in many models, you will receive different sizes of mouthpieces, which allow you to adjust the dose yourself.

The HorecaTraders Plastic Funnel is available in 4 sizes. This funnel has a favorable price / quality ratio. The fighters of HorecaTraders can be delivered within 24/48 hours.

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