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Bar Strainers & Colanders

You can contact Horeca Traders for all your bar strainers & colander. Don't want mint leaves, lemon seeds or any other type of pulp in your cocktail? Then you need the strainers and colander of Horeca Traders. First you mix everything and then strain all unwanted elements from the cocktail with one of our strainers or colander. The strainers and colander are made of sturdy material, which makes the products last a long time. Horeca Traders guarantees high quality at a low price.

With the stainless steel bar strainer from Horeca Traders you can easily filter your cocktails. The handle has extra grip so that it does not just fall out of hand. The Strainer is made of stainless steel, which means it will last a very long time. The strainer is also available in black and gold .

You can also use our simple sieves to filter your cocktails. The black Julep strainer has an elegant look and feels great in the hand. Make sure your bar, café or restaurant is equipped with the right equipment.

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