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Liebherr freezers with sliding lid suitable for home or business

Liebherr freezers with sliding lid suitable for hotels and restaurants or catering intensive environment

Horeca Traders delivers Liebherr freezers with both glass sliding lid when closed sliding lid. Liebherr freezers are suitable for impulse sales. The cabinets with sliding lid Liebherr are robust and can take a beating. Through the casters, you can easily move the Liebherr freezer. You can inhangmanden or a lock as an option to reorder the Liebherr freezer.

The Liebherr GTE 3300 is a ijsconservator a temperature range of -10 ° C to -24 ° C. The aluminum sliding lids you always have quick access to the products in the freezer. With 4 double wheels you can easily move this Liebherr ijsconservator. The noise level of 42 dB is very pleasant and barely audible. This Liebherr GTE 3300 freezer can accommodate up to four baskets.

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