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Buy Induction cooker hob - HorecaTraders

Induction equipment can be found at horecatraders.com. Order Today = Use your induction wok board tomorrow!

HorecaTraders supplies induction wok cooking plates and complete woksets. With the wok induction cooktop, you can actually wake everything, as long as it's only small pieces. Think of vegetables and small pieces of fish and meat. The dishes are cooked quickly in the wok pan and because of the short heating the vitamins remain in the food. For our range of wokpans you can click here.

With the Bartscher Induction wok set IW 35 you can get started right away. This Bartscher wok induction set works through touch control and digital reading. Adjustable time and electronic protection against overheating give you more comfort in the kitchen. The Bartscher induction hob has stainless steel housing and 10 temperature setting options. The temperature range is 60 to 240 ° C.

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