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Liebherr is a cooling and freezing specialist for the professional catering industry. Liebherr manufactures freezers Liebherr, Liebherr wine storage cabinets, Liebherr freezers / freezers and Liebherr cool boxes / refrigerators. All of this Liebherr appliances can be purchased at Traders Hotel and Catering. Besides the Liebherr range Catering Traders also supplies Liebherr parts & accessories from stock. You can buy these by emailing [email protected]

Liebherr stands for ease, comfort cooling and energy savings. These three specifications example can be found in the popular Liebherr white chest freezer GTL 4905 . This Liebherr chest freezer has a capacity of up to 485 liters. In addition, use this Liebherr freezer only 458 kWh per year and is very energy efficient. You can also opt for a Liebherr refrigerator of FKvsl series. A popular Liebherr refrigerator from this series is the Liebherr refrigerator gray FKvsl 3610 . With a power consumption of 346 kWh per year and a volume of 333 liters of the refrigerator is ideal for professional use. Because Liebherr freezer and refrigeration until it is finished in detail, you will enjoy many years of your Liebherr equipment.

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