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Ice spoons and restaurant portioneerlepels can be found at HorecaTraders

Portion spoons & Ladles can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today = use your ice cream spoon tomorrow.

Horeca Traders supplies professional ice cream scoops, ice cream spatulas and portioning spoons for catering establishments. The portioning spoons and ice cream spoons come from top brands such as Hendi, Bonzer and Vogue. You can also go to Horeca Traders for other ice-related products, such as ice containers or ice boxes.

For the proportioning of ice cream, rice or mashed potatoes, the Vogue Portion Spoon Professional is very suitable. This Vogue stainless steel portioning spoon is available in 7 sizes, from 4cm diameter to 7cm diameter. For professional ice cream parlors the HorecaTraders IJsschep Spoon is professionally suitable for ice cream making. Due to the color coding per size, the different portions are easy to recognize. In addition, there is guide liquid in the handle that heats your palm during use.

An ice cream cone standard for your ice cream parlor

Last but not least, the HorecaTraders Ice Cream Cone Standard is not missing in your ice cream parlor. This stainless steel ice cream cone has 4 holes in which you can easily place the ice cream cones. The stand is easy to clean and very hygienic thanks to the stainless steel design.

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