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Sous Vide cooking is best with HorecaTraders equipment

Sous vide cooking equipment can be found at HorecaTraders. Order today = tomorrow sous vide cooking!

With a sous vide you can cook vacuum packed food in a heated water bath. The circulating water ensures a constant temperature, so the meat also cooks evenly. With a sous vide you can cook meat, fish and vegetables. You can also come to HorecaTraders for vacuum bags.

The sous vides from brands such as Buffalo, Diamond and Hendi guarantee a high quality result. The total range of sous vides can be delivered within 24/48 hours. A sous vides is very suitable for preparing dishes outside peak times and for à la carte restaurants. The dishes will keep their flavor optimal by using a sous vide.

Tasteful cooking with a catering sous vide

The Buffalo Sous Vide 12.5 Liter is a compact and easy-to-use sous vide. The easy-to-use LCD display makes this sous video easy to operate. For example, you can set the time clock so your food is not too long. The water circulates so that a constant temperature in the tank is realized.

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