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Gardes for the professional kitchen and the hobby chef

Gardes can be found at horecatraders.com. Order Today = Tomorrow Use Your New Garde!

HorecaTraders supplies lightweight and heavy gardening to pick up and towel. The guards are available from 25 cm to balloon cages of up to 100 cm. For example, a 100 cm balloon earth is suitable for knocking and dusting in deep pans. With a balloon earth you can beat a lot of air in the batter or in a whipped cream.

HorecaTraders's gardes are available in many formats and models. Whether you want to make your sauces free of chlorine or to mix an emulsion, we offer a suitable garment for every job.

A professional catering industry in various formats

The Vogue Magiwisk garde has an innovative spiral, which means that it takes less time. With this Vogue garde, you can quickly and easily from cream to cream. The Vogue Magiwisk is available in both plastic and stainless steel models. If you prefer to have a traditional model, the APS Professional Garde RVS is a suitable model. The 8 threaded loop wires guarantee an optimal result for every job. The gardes in the HorecaTraders range are available in many formats.

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