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Horeca Traders supplies professional freezers for every environment

Freezer cabinets with 1 door can be found online at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = use your freezer tomorrow.

Freezers with a single door are available at Horeca Traders. We supply 1-door freezers from the best brands, such as Liebherr, Polar and Saro. The single door freezers are available with drawers or with grids. We can also supply freezers for very specific purposes, such as freezers for a bakery.

A popular 1-door freezer is the Polar Horeca Freezer Cabinet 600 liters . This Polar freezer has a white steel casing and 600 liter capacity. The Polar freezer is equipped with a digital temperature display (-10C to -25C) and electronic controller. Wheels are mounted on the back of the Polar freezer so that the refrigerator is easy to move. The Polar freezer comes complete with 7 grids.

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