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Manual can openers and tail bus openers from Horeca Traders

Can openers can be found at horecatraders.com. Order today = Use your can opener tomorrow!

Traders Horeca supplies a wide range of can openers, from simple stainless steel can openers to professional table model can openers. The can openers from brands such as Hendi, Saro and Vogue are of robust quality and multifunctional. We also supply tail can openers that are easy to attach to the table or wall.

Opening cans can be a frustrating job, but with the handy can openers from Horeca Traders this is a thing of the past. The can openers from Horeca Traders are fully equipped, so that you can cut through the can with little force.

A catering can opener for small or large use

A tail can opener that is widely used in the catering industry is the Hendi Tail Can Opener . The Hendi tail can opener is suitable for opening about 20 cans per day. The blades and wheel are easy to replace without tools. For small use you can opt for the Vogue Can Opener . This stainless steel Vogue can opener has tempered blades to make opening even easier. The can opener is also equipped with a bottle opener.

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