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Dometic Refrigerators for recreational vehicles

Are you looking for a fridge for on the go? Then you have come to the right place. We offer the Dometic 10 series. In addition to silent operation, these also offer the choice on which side you want to open the doors. The refrigerators have hinges on both the left and the right side. The Dometic 10 series refrigerators feature elegant full-height aluminum handles for easy access to food items. In addition, the fridges have a versatile interior with smart storage options for your food and drinks. In addition, the 10 series refrigerators are prepared for integration with the CI-Bus system. This allows you to operate your refrigerator from a central location in your camper or caravan.


Built-in fridges

We also have a section of built-in refrigerators. The refrigerator fits seamlessly into your kitchen. If there is no space left on the straight floor, we also have our beautiful compressor fridges. These fridges are suitable for substructure and have a wheel arch recess. The fridges make optimal use of the available space, and can even be fully furnished by you! You can have these refrigerators fully furnished according to your own wishes. The powerful compressor cooling ensures that your products can be cooled or even frozen despite high temperatures from the outside! The compressor cooling technology is easy to operate with a TFT color display and turn or push button. Within the compressor refrigerators we also have models that are easy to place on boats and bus campers. In addition, these models also have a removable freezer compartment.

absorption refrigerators

The 10 series from Dometic also offer an alternative for those who have more space: the Dometic absorption fridges with access to the freezer. These refrigerators have a separate compartment for both the refrigerator and the freezer compartment.

The Chameleon

We also offer the CRX series from Dometic. The CRX is also called the Kameleon. You can cool, freeze or both in this. The choice is yours. the refrigerator consists of a removable freezer compartment. The freezer compartment can be easily removed to create a larger refrigerator, and the desired temperature can be set manually. The smart electronics regulate the compressor speed, while saving energy at the same time.

5 series

In addition, we also have the 5-series, which is based on a 4-series refrigerator. We will discuss this further in the article. The 5 series is a handy refrigerator with LED interior lighting, energy-saving temperature control and practical storage in the door. The fridges do have a remarkably spacious interior, namely 60 to 80 liters!

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