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You will find manual fruit presses and citrus presses at Horeca Traders

You can buy presses online at Horeca Traders. Order today = use press tomorrow.

Horeca Traders supplies presses and pestles for fruit, potatoes, garlic and much more. The presses and stampers come from the most renowned brands, such as APS and Vogue. In addition to pestles and presses, you can also find lemon slice squeezers, stoners, nut crackers and puree squeezers on this page.

The Vogue Stainless Steel Nutcracker is suitable for cracking any size and type of nut quickly and easily. For example, you can also opt for the Horeca Traders Fruit and Vegetable Stoner . This fruit and vegetable stoner from Matfer makes stoning a very simple job.

Crush various herbs?

The Horeca Traders Mortar and Bowl Granite is an excellent choice for grinding garlic and other herbs. The mortar with pestle is so sturdy that it can withstand intensive and frequent use.

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