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Quickly dry your hands with HorecaTraders hand dryers

Horeca Traders is your wholesaler for electric hand dryers, hand dryers and other professional hygiene products.

A hand dryer is an electrical device that can be used to dry your hands. Powerful hand dryers can blow hot air as well as cold or neutral air, allowing the water to evaporate on the hands and be cleaned hygienically.

The 2nd generation hand dryers can be activated by means of a start button, push button or a sensor. This makes them easy to use and of course no electricity slurpers. This generation of hand dryers are very quiet and are ideal for all sanitary areas. Hand dryers are mainly placed in public toilets of hotels, restaurants, conference halls, office facilities and other catering establishments. HorecaTraders supplies hand dryers in more than 60 types in different shapes, colors, brands and power. The gross of the hand dryer collection has SGS certification and of course a HEPA filter for better hygiene in the sanitary facilities.

Hand dryers from the best brands

Our hand dryer range is of many different brands: Dan Dryer, Mediclinics, Eco-Dryers, P + L Washroom Systems, Xlerator and many more. Mediclinics hand dryers are known from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. With the hand dryers of HorecaTraders your hands are dried in a quick, hygienic and inexpensive way.

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