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Are you looking for a professional hot air oven? HorecaTraders supplies hot-air ovens of the best brands. Bartscher, Combisteel and Blue Seal Turbofan are hot-air ovens, which are popular in the hospitality industry and the main kitchen. The contents of the hot air oven can range from 1, 2, 3, 5 to 10 grids. We also offer hot air ovens with a moisturizer, making your dishes even more flavorful.

The advantage of a hot air oven in which the hot air is blown around, making your dishes evenly cooked. HorecaTraders also provide hot-air ovens suitable for various GN sizes, so you can easily use baking plates with the same sizes.

A popular hot air oven for the catering industry

The Bartscher Heteluchtoven AT90 is one of the most popular hot-air ovens in the catering industry. The 4 baking sheets give you enough space to lose all your dishes in the oven. In addition, the 2 powerful engines ensure that your dishes are prepared quickly. The door with double glazing holds the heat in the oven securely, saving you energy. The stainless steel Bartscher hot air oven comes with 4 baking cans.

We also have professional combi rooms, click here For further information.

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