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You can buy chopping blocks and meat blocks at HorecaTraders

You can find chopping blocks at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Tomorrow a new chopping block in your butcher's shop!

Horeca Traders supplies chopping blocks in the professional butcher's shop. The butcher chopping blocks are from the most renowned brands, such as Diamond, Hendi and Vogue. You can opt for a wooden chopping block or for a stainless steel chopping block with plastic cutting blade.

Buying a wooden chopping block or plastic chopping block?

We supply, among other things, wooden chopping blocks of beech wood and acacia wood. The Hendi chopping block is very popular because of its robustness and stable base. Moreover, the Hendi chopping block is easy to clean and made of high quality beech wood.

You can also opt for a plastic chopping block, such as the Diamond Plastic White Chopping Block . This Diamond chopping block has a stainless steel AISI 304 base, ensuring high hygiene. This chopping block is easy to clean and has stable lower feet.

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