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TurboChef oven

Horeca Traders supplies TurboChef ovens for various applications in the hospitality industry. The ovens are the world leader when it comes to speed while maintaining quality. Adjustable programs ensure consistent quality no matter who is working with the oven. A TurboChef oven is useful in the larger kitchens, fast-service restaurants, hotels, bars or healthcare.

You can contact Horeca Traders for various models: Turbochef i3 32L, Turbochef i5 62L, Turbochef Bullet and Turbochef Sota. The Turbochef Sota is the most compact oven, ideal for less intensive use. The Turbochef Bullet is the fastest model in the range. All types of TurboChef ovens have in common that they are versatile, easy to use and energy efficient.

The Turbochef i5 Microwave Oven | 62 liters is best suited for large instances. The TurboChef i5 oven is a complete kitchen on half a square meter that makes every concept possible. The large oven space with 1/1 GN + capacity offers enough space for all your dishes.

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