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Gas fritters on legs

Horeca fritters can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = Morning your fries, fish or churros fry!

HorecaTraders provides outstanding gasfrituses for both small and large catering businesses. The gasfrituses come from most renowned brands, such as Pitco, Combisteel and Bartscher. The standing gas frituses are available to a capacity of 40 liters. For example, in the cabinets in the fryer, you can store your frying supplies.

The Combisteel Professional Gasfrituse 21 Liter is suitable for commercial catering purposes. The Combisteel gas frituses is entirely made of stainless steel and offers a wide range of functions. The Combisteel fryer has a tap and dual frying baskets, allowing you to cook several snacks at the same time. This Combisteel gasfrituse comes complete with frying baskets, catch rack, oil extension tube and a primer to remove clogging.

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