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Horeca Fat Pit and Fat Separator

According to European law, for every food processing company, it is mandatory to have a facility that removes the waste water from grease before it is discharged into the sewer. The minimum upper value that applies for this is 25mg per liter of waste water.

A suitable grease separator for your catering facility

There are many points that must be taken into account during the purchase of a grease separator. What kind of grease / grease separator do I need? Where will I place these? What capacity do I need? Another important point to mention is that a grease pit can only work if the water can flow automatically to the well.

Horeca Traders offers a suitable solution for every situation. For situations where you do not have a basement or outdoor location, we have a substructure grease separator that can stand on the ground.

We understand that the purchase of a grease / grease separator can be a complex process. If you have any questions you can always contact our customer service.

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