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Horeca rice cookers buy from HorecaTraders

Professional rice cookers can be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = cook your rice tomorrow.

The stated content is the output of the cooked rice

What is a rice cooker? A rice cooker is a device for cooking rice. You do not need a pan or stove. What you do is add rice and water and press the power button. A rice cooker boils the rice and keeps it warm.

The Buffalo rice cooker is a professional device where fast and a lot of rice can be cooked for large groups. What makes this Buffalo rice cooker special is that it goes without saying. You add rice and water and that's it. Meanwhile, you can do other things in the kitchen.

E simple rice cook in large quantities

The reliability of our rice cookers is obviously determined by solid manufacturers like Bartscher, SARO and Buffalo. These rice cooker manufacturers stand for experience and competence. The experience is justified by the long-standing name recognition in Europe. The competence is tested annually by leading inspection agencies such as DEKRA, NVLG and other industry organizations that are of high quality. In addition, they offer favorable value for money rice cookers. We will commend that you will receive the best catering product within your budget.

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