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You can find beer keg chillers at HorecaTraders

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The beer barrels coolers of Horeca Traders come in handy in restaurants, hotels or clubs. The forced beer coolers from Esta are made from high quality stainless steel AISI 304. You can opt for a beer cooler with a capacity of 2,4,6 or 8 beer kegs of 20 liters.

Buying a catering beer keg cooler for professional use?

The Horeca Traders Vatenkoeler Zwart offers storage for 8 x 20 liter barrels. The Beer Keg Cooler is suitable for all types of beers and special beers. This HorecaTraders beer cooler has Climate Class N (32ºC) and therefore performs optimally at a temperature between 16 and 32 degrees. The capacitor of this beer keg cooler is easy to reach for maintenance.

For busy bars, clubs and pubs, the Polar Bovenlader bottles / container cooler 279 liters is the ideal solution. This Polar bottle cooler is equipped with a fan-supported cooling system and 40mm thick insulation. This will ensure that your drinks remain perfectly chilled.

Buy Esta beer keg cooler parts?

You can also contact Horeca Traders for Esta parts. All Esta products and parts have a very favorable price / quality ratio and meet the highest requirements for the hospitality industry. In short, a beer keg cooler comes in handy in every intensive catering establishment.

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