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Wall refrigerators for fruit and vegetables, dairy and packaged meat delivered 24/48 hours

You can find wall cooling furniture at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = use your wall fridge tomorrow.

The wall cooling furniture is ideal for displaying your vegetables, fruit, dairy and other products. Horeca Traders supplies plug-in wall coolers from many various top brands, such as Oscartielle, Arneg, Coldflow and Framec. There is a wide choice in the wall cooling furniture range of Horeca Traders. We offer impulse refrigerators with double wall cooling, as well as wall cooling furniture with an electric roller shutter.

Horeca Traders also supplies business refrigerators that are suitable for self-service, such as the Horeca Traders Wall-mounted Cool Furniture Self-service . In the wall coolers you can perfectly display dairy, fruit and vegetable and VPV products. In addition to open wall cooling furniture, Horeca Traders also supplies wall coolers with sliding doors.

Display sandwiches and drinks

Another popular wall cooler is the Polar Cooled Display Cabinet . This open wall cooling unit is ideal for displaying your sandwiches, wraps, drinks and other products in an attractive way. This wall cooler has internal LED lighting and has four adjustable shelves. The Polar wall cooler is equipped with a 'night blind' screen. This saves you energy and the products in the refrigerator have a longer shelf life.

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