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Buy Electric cookers - HorecaTraders

Professional gas cookers can be found at horecatraders.com. Order Today = Your gas cooker delivered with 24/48 hours.

HorecaTraders supplies electric cookers from 1 cooking plate to 6 cooking plates. The electric stainless steel cooking appliances are suitable for restaurants, hotels or just for home use. The electric cookers are supplied as a table model or with an open base / oven. The advantage of an electric stove is that the cooking surface is easy to clean.

The Buffalo single electric cooker is suitable for any catering. Whether you are looking for a catering or looking for an electric cooker for home, the Bartscher single cooktop is suitable for everyone. The Bartscher has non-slip rubber feet and has a simple thermostat. The hob is suitable for baking, cooking and cooking, as well as heating up food, making it an ideal source of heat for intensive cooking.

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