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Bain marie islands ideal for hot dishes can be found at Horeca Traders

Bain maries buffet islands can be found at Horeca Traders. Order buffet islands today = use tomorrow.

Traders Horeca supplies bain marie buffet islands for the buffet in restaurant or hotel. The warming buffet units are from the best brands, such as Combisteel, Diamond, Saro. The bain marie buffet islands are suitable for keeping dishes warm for a long time at the buffet.

The Bartscher Gastro Buffet T - Salad bar 4 x 1/1 GN has integrated lighting, static cooling and a storage surface. The bain marie buffet island has wheels and is therefore easy to move. This Bartscher salad bar is easy to assemble.

Salad bars for various types of GN containers

At Horeca Traders you can go for many more salad bars in different colors and models. In addition, the buffet islands are suitable for various types of GN containers. Horeca Traders distinguishes itself by a fast delivery time and a good price / quality ratio. You can also always contact our customer service for parts and special requirements.

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