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Stainless steel standpipes can be found at HorecaTraders

Standpipe RVS can now be found at HorecaTraders.com. Order today = tomorrow your standpipe at home

HorecaTraders supplies stainless steel standpipes and chromed standpipes with drain grates. Standpipes prevent solid waste residues from entering the drain. The perforated standpipes ensure that water and waste are practically separated from each other.

The Horeca Traders Standpipe for deep sinks 8cm drainage is removable so that the water can be easily rinsed away. The standpipe is clearly visible in the water and does not damage the sink. You can order this standpipe and many other standpipes in various sizes from us.

The standpipes are ideal for the sink in the catering kitchen. The standpipes are designed to be easy to assemble.

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