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Cafetière you can find online at HorecaTraders

Cafetières can be found online at HorecaTraders. Order today = tomorrow your cafeteria inside.

HorecaTraders supplies cafetières of 3 cups up to 8 cups. With a cafeteria you can put coffee in which the flavors and flavors do not stay in a filter, but stay in the coffee. Another advantage of a cafeteria is that you do not need a separate sieve for coffee. In short, with a cafeteria you are guaranteed to make real fresh coffee.

The Olympia Cafetière 3 cups 35cl is suitable for every catering facility. This stainless steel cafeteria has a contemporary design and is made of strong glass. The capacity of 350ml is enough to put 3 cups of coffee.

You can also choose a cafeteria that is entirely made of stainless steel, such as the Olympia Stainless steel cafeteria 350 ml . This Olympia inox cafetière also has double wall insulation to keep the coffee extra warm.

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