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Combisteamer water softener

At HorecaTraders you can go for water softeners, suitable for your combi steamer or baking oven. The BRITA Purity Steam water filters are ideal if you want to be sure of flawlessly operating devices that remain lime-free and thus achieve optimum results. The BRITA softeners extract the calcifying ions from the tap water, resulting in partially demineralised water of the best quality.

The Purity Steam filters ensure a safe prevention of scale formation, for a reliable removal of odor and taste-disrupting substances and thus for a fresh and tasty appearance of dishes. The constant water quality throughout the filter time protects your equipment and guarantees the best results. This keeps the maintenance costs low and keeps the quality of your dishes high.

Buying a BRITA Purity Steam water filter?

A popular water filter from the BRITA Purity Steam series is the Brita Purity 1200 Steam | Combisteamers 10 Levels + . This BRITA water filter is suitable for combi steamers and baking ovens. In any case you should replace the filter at least once a year because of the hygiene of the filter. We recommend connecting a flow meter to the water softener. A flow meter keeps track of exactly how much water has been filtered through the device. In addition, the meter will flash if the filter needs to be replaced. Handy!

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