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Liebherr Fridge comes with 24 hours

Liebherr refrigerators catering suitable for hotels and restaurants or catering intensive environment

Horeca Traders delivers energy efficient catering fridges Liebherr. The refrigerators are suitable for professional catering establishments where quality is paramount. For example you can choose a stainless steel refrigerator business or tabletop beverage refrigerator. Liebherr refrigerators have the best energy labels and are therefore beneficial to your wallet.

The Liebherr FKV 1800 Refrigerator example, has a power consumption of 328 kWh per year, equivalent to € 72 per year. The cool part of this Liebherr refrigerator has a net capacity of 160 liters. The temperature range of this Liebherr refrigerator is + 1 ° C to + 15 ° C.

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