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Blank Regaalwagen

Horeca Traders offers a diverse range of Blanco Professional stainless steel rack trolleys. With a regaalwagen you can easily transport trays or gastronorm containers. The Blanco Professional rack trolleys are suitable for various types of GN containers. In terms of floors, you can opt for a trolley with 7 floors up to 36 floors.

De Blanco Stainless Steel Regaalwagen | 18 x 1/1 GN | 46x61.3x164.5 cm is made of high quality stainless steel. There is a distance of 73 mm between the shelf levels. This Blanco Professional regaalwagen has galvanized steel swivel wheels and impact protectors around all wheels. The Blanco Professional shelf trolleys are therefore also suitable for intensive and professional use.

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