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Melamine Tableware Arabesque Line

The Arabesque Line melamine tableware is one of the newest acquisitions in the Horeca Traders range. This beautifully colorful melamine service comes in handy for various presentation forms of your dishes. The Arabic style makes the tableware excellent for Oriental dishes, such as rice, couscous or sushi. The melamine tableware is practically unbreakable and resistant to scratches and discolouration.

The Blue Ocean Line consists of serving trays, serving bowls and plates. The Horeca Traders Melamine Serving Trays | 2 Sizes are very popular within this series. This melamine presentation platter is useful when serving small snacks, sushi or salads.

For serving starters or the main course you can use the HorecaTraders Melamine Serve Plates | 2 Using formats . These plates are, like all other dishes in this series, stackable and dishwasher safe. The Arabesque Line service is very durable in use and will therefore last for years. Ideal tableware for the Chinese or Thai kitchen!

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