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Buy Hoshizaki ice cream makers from HorecaTraders

You can buy a Hoshizaki Ice Cube Machine online at HorecaTraders. Order today = your Hoshizaki ice maker in your home tomorrow.

HorecaTraders supplies Hoshizaki ice cube machines that are made of external stainless steel material. The Hoshizaki ice cube machines are air-cooled and suitable for any type of catering establishment, from hotels to discotheques. Finding boundaries, creating customer satisfaction and reliability are essential values ​​for Hoshizaki.

The Hoshizaki ice machines work optimally at a temperature between 40 ° C and 1 ° C, even at high humidity. The Hoshizaki ice cube machines are equipped with insulated, custom-made doors with rubber seals. For Hoshizaki, it is important to develop products that contribute to an environment where people can work comfortably. The ice cube machines are also HACCP certified.

An ice cube machine with internal bunker and high production capacity

The Hoshizaki ice maker IM-21CNE-HC | 25kg / 24h is suitable for intensive use. This Hoshizaki ice machine has an internal bunker with a storage capacity of 11.5 kg. The ice cubes have a cube shape with the dimensions 28x28x32 mm. The Hoshizaki ice maker has an R 290 (propane) cooling system and an ice production of 25kg / 24h.

Choose a Hoshizaki ice maker for hotel, bar or restaurant

If you need a large amount of ice cubes in a short time, then the Hoshizaki ice maker IM-130NE-HC | 125kg / 24h top choice. This Hoshizaki ice maker is one of the most powerful of its kind, with a production speed of 125kg / 24h. All Hoshizaki ice machines have a 2 year warranty and can be delivered from 24/48 hours.

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