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Cool Foods or drinks? Horeca Traders delivers refrigerated display cases show

For the sale and presentation of refrigerated products you are at the display coolers to the right place. Traders hospitality industry offers a wide range of plug-presentation refrigerated display cabinets, stainless steel cabinets to show colorful pastry display cases. We supply mini coolers of 58 liters, but also very great snack showcases 600 liters. The display coolers are great for in pastry shops, restaurants, hotels and snack bars. There are display cabinets which are suitable for use in a buffet like the catering industry Traders Buffet Showcase Round - Table Model. Your buffet will these refrigerated display are complete.

A compact refrigerated display model is the Bartscher Small refrigerated display white - 58 liters . This forced cooling has two height-adjustable shelves and is ideal for cooling in cans. The display cooler holds 58 liters and comes complete with lighting. In addition, this refrigerator features automatic defrosting and evaporation, so products can not freeze and will not leak water. This Bartscher refrigerated display case is suitable for self-service and a forced cooling.

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